Espoir Ltd (NZ)

Importer, Distributor, Logistic Service Provider and Wholesaler

Date of solution/serviced provided

April 2013 - onsite business process analysis started.
July 2013 - designed Solution Provided

Base solution: ITERA WMS

Key feature/function added/modified

e-Commerce solution and Receivable control solution

Tailor built inventory management solution & modified low stock management & Re-Order system – built after 3 month ITERA BPM analysis & consulting service.

a. Inventory Management

Espoir Ltd has re-located racking in the warehouse to maximize efficiency of the TBS.
Entire inventories are data-based and monitored with online solution, enabling any wireless device to be connected in any location
- Faster stock locating & stock take solution
- Monitor speed of inventory movement.

b. Online Shopping

One stop online wholesale shopping system
– listing over 10,000 products with fast indexing solution customers shopping speed has improved 50%.

c. Banking/Receivable Management with Customer Relationship Management Invoicing and statement management.

-Managing credit term and banking management to reduce receivable rate.
-Each Customer has unique customer level.


Sourcing, Order processing, Quality Assurance and Distribution

Date of solution/serviced provided

June 2015 - 3 weeks planning after brief online consulting.
July 2015 - designed solution provided.

Base solution: ITERA WMS

Key feature/function added/modified

Key feature/function added/modified: e-Order, export document and billing system.

a. Online order and product management enabling Pre-order management.

Fully data-based information to workout maximum CBM for a container load.
Estimation for full loadable CBM with average analysis.

b. Order Processing

Order Form/function automatically generated and sent to suppliers.
Error in ordering reduced speed of Ordering increased.

c. Delivery & Load Process

Estimation for full loadable CBM with average CBM analysis of an each item.
Inward form/function for accurate inward good checking reduced error in Inward processing.

Health NZ

Distribution/wholesale/multi-chain retail

Date of solution/serviced provided

April 2015

$2 Things

Multi-chain Retail/Distribution

Date of solution/serviced provided

October 2015 TBS provided based on clients needs/requirements

Base solution: ITERA WMS

Key feature/function added/modified

Centralised control, Just In Time(JIT) Order Solution, Daily inventory management solution, Cloud Analysis